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Industrial Noise · Loud Guitars · Spooky Vibes · Strange Behavior

Deadlight Holiday is an Industrial Rock band based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Known across the midwest for their eclectic stage show, fierce vocals, and loud driving guitars, the band has developed a cult following in the Midwest. Having originally found its roots in Shoegaze and Alternative Rock, the band quickly outgrew it's skin and began incorporating elements of Nu-Metal, Industrial Rock, and EDM. Formed by Kyle Panek in 2015, and soon joined by vocalist Shane Seppala, the two made their musical debut in 2018 with the release of Path of Desolation. During the 2020 Covid Lockdown, the two decided to focus on writing, and beginning working with Producer Esjay Jones towards developing a more darker realized sound. This would culminate into their upcoming album Against All Gods, marking the bands most aggressive statement yet. Set to be released on Halloween 2022.

Dec - 2014 - Deadlight Holiday formed

Oct - 2018 - Path of Desolation, LP

March 2020 - Lullaby, Single

Aug 2020 - Daybreak, Single

Nov 2020 - Wretched Ones, Single

Jan 2021 - Blood // Body, Single

Sep 2022 - Harbinger of Death, Single

Oct 2022 - Against All Gods, LP

July 2022 - Full of Hate, Single


Deadlight Holiday performs live as:

Shane Seppala // Lead Vox

Kyle Panek // Guitar // Backing Vox

John "Jetski" Michalski // Drums // Electronics

Robby Lewis // Guitar // Backing Vox

Joey Barnett // Bass 

Over the years Deadlight Holiday has opened for national acts and artists such as Korn, Chevelle, The Birthday Massacre, Aesthetic Perfection, September Mourning, Stitched up Heart, One Eyed Doll, Psyclon Nine, The Genitorturers, Wednesday 13, and Combichrist.

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