Our Story

Hello friend,
Thank you for taking the time to come this far. We are Deadlight Holiday, an eclectic Industrial/Alternative Rock band based out of Grand Rapids, MI.


Early Years:

The band began as a solo project for myself (Kyle Panek), however I was soon joined by Shane Seppala. Initially the idea was to just be the two of us playing guitar and bass, making strange noises, and playing alongside a drum machine. After a few practices in my basement, out of the blue, we were asked to play at a local venue in Big Rapids for $500, then another a week later... so we quickly put together a full Rock band to get the project off the ground.  

Fast forward to:

2016 - Inception of the Dawn, EP

Originally recorded at Pharoh House Recordings in Grand Rapids, MI. With much respect to Pharoh, we weren't entirely happy with the bands performance, and felt the mix wasn't completely there. We went back and ended up re-recording almost the entire album, replacing the drums with a drum machine, and allowing Shane and the plethora of backup vocalists to be able to take their time. We ended up re-releasing the record later that year, remixed by Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine. 

Music Video for Constellation 


2018 - Path of Desolation, LP

We decided to focus our efforts and make a full length concept album. Taking the DIY approach, Shane and I recorded and mixed everything in the recording studio we constructed earlier in 2018. Featuring female guest vocals from Julie Foust, and Audrey Pierson, the album reflected the band's evolution from start to present. The release of the album got us endorsements from Seymour Duncan, GHS Strings, and Haunted Labs.

2020 - Lullaby, Single

The first time we played our cover of Lullaby, originally by the Cure, was in 2017. From the get-go we noticed a response from everyone in the crowd, and decided to start routinely covering it live. After having be well tested and played, we set out in fall of 2019 to record the studio version, and shoot a music video. The single was released on Friday, March 13th, with great response.

Music Video for Lullaby


Our Sound:

We never really wanted to settle for just one genre. We've heard our fans refer to our music as 'Stargaze', kind of a mixture between Industrial, Alternative, and Shoegaze... But to us its all just guitar driven Rock Music.

Over the years we've grown as a band, and the music as well. The 'original' intention was to just be a progressive rock band, reminiscent of bands like Pink Floyd, Tool, and The Red Paintings. After playing alongside artists as The Birthday Massacre, Psyclon Nine, The Genitorturers, Wednesday 13, and Combichrist we slowly developed an underground following within the alternative/industrial crowds. Our music became more caustic, the guitars got more distorted, and Shane started to add more power to his vocals.



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